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Singapore museums are among the most visited sites by tourists visiting Singapore. Visitors are able to choose for a very large and varied selection of Singapore museums.

Singapore Museums

The Singapore travel guide will list for you the most interesting and most popular Singapore museums and we do hope that you will take the time to explore some of the great museums that Singapore has to offer.

Chinatown Heritage Centre

The Chinatown Heritage Centre is open daily from 09:00 am until 20:00 pm. Adult admission: SGD 8.80 - Child admission: SGD 5.30

The Chinatown Heritage Centre is one of the most interesting Singapore museums. One of the most interesting areas of Singapore is the Chinatown area and this Singapore Museum shows how Chinatown has evolved over time and highlights the live of ethnic Chinese in Singapore.

The Chinatown Heritage Centre frequently hosts various special vents and exhibits. This Singapore museum also houses an excellent restaurant as well as a interesting gift shop selling some of the nicest Singapore souvenirs found anywhere in Singapore.

National Museum of Singapore

The National Museum of Singapore is open daily from 10:00 am until 21:00 pm. Admission to the main building is free of charge.

The National Museum of Singapore is not only the largest and oldest Singapore museum but it is also the most visited museum in Singapore. The National Museum of Singapore first opened its doors for visitors over 120 years ago. The goal of this great Singapore museum is to show and preserve the history and culture of Singapore.

The National Museum of Singapore is used by local authorities and the Singapore Tourism Board for special events and great festivals. Visitors of the National Museum of Singapore can also enjoy a meal at one of several great dining outlets or enjoy some shopping at one of the museum stores.

Please note that the National Museum of Singapore underwent an extensive 3 year renovation and opened its doors again to the public last year. If you are interested in visiting some Singapore museums during your next trip to Singapore then please make sure to take some time to visit the National Museum of Singapore.

Singapore Art Museum

The Singapore Art Museum is open daily from 10:00 am until 19:00 pm. Adult admission: SGD 5 - Child admission: SGD 2.50

The Singapore Art Museum focuses on art work made by both Singaporean artist as well as artists from nearby South East Asian countries. It is worth noting that the Singapore Art Museum owns in fact the largest public collection of South East Asian and Singaporean artwork from the 20th century.

Other Singapore Museums

  • Asian Civilisations Museum - This Singapore museum has a strong focus on the different Asian cultures.
  • Changi Chapel & Museum - This interesting Singapore museum remind visitors about the Japanese occupation.
  • Chinese Heritage Centre - The goal of this centre is to show how Chinese communities live around the world.
  • Hua Song Museum - The Hua Song museum highlight the great heritage of Chinese people living abroad.
  • Malay Heritage Centre - This museum in Singapore shows the influences of Malay immigrants on present Singapore.
  • Nei Xue Tang Museum - A great Singapore museum which teaches visitors about Buddhism.
  • NUS Museum - This Singapore museum is located at the Singapore University and houses many Asian artworks.


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