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Welcome to the Singapore travel guide. Our Singapore travel information site offers travel information about Singapore to travelers and tourists.

If you are looking for Singapore activities, Singapore hotels or shopping venues then you will find all that and lots more in our Singapore travel guide.

If you would like more information about the weather in Singapore then please visit our section on Singapore Weather.

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Singapore Travel Destination

Singapore is one the largest travel destinations in the world. Our Singapore travel guide will show you why so many tourists and travelers keep returning to Singapore on holiday as Singapore is truly a unique city.

Singapore is a lively city and which is filled with colors and contrasts.

You will be able to find more information about the many great aspects of Singapore in the Singapore travel guide. Discover more about the arts and culture of Singapore and Singapore Museums inside our Singapore travel guide.

East meets West in SingaporeSIngapore Guide

One of the charming aspects about Singapore is that it is a blend of modern times and the colonial days.

Singapore is a prime example of a city and nation where western and eastern influences have created a beautiful and unique city located in South East Asia.

Singapore is in fact also one of the cleanest and safest cities in all of Asia.  Read all about it in our Singapore travel guide.

Also read more about the excellent Singapore Nightlife and all the great bars and club that can be found in Singapore.

Singapore Shopping

Singapore shopping venues are located mostly in the Orchard road area and shoppers from around the world travel to Singapore to take advantage of the cheap prices that are offered in the Singapore shopping establishments. Explore Singapore shopping inside the Singapore travel guide!

Singapore Hotels

Singapore hotels rank among the very best in the world. The Singapore Raffles hotel for example has been one of the leading hotels in the world for over a century.

If you need help choosing a hotel among the large selection of excellent Singapore hotels, then please make sure to use the Singapore travel guide to help you pick a Singapore hotel.

Singapore Attractions

There are many great Singapore attractions available to visitors. The Singapore travel guide will list all the best Singapore attractions which include for example the Singapore night safari and the Singapore zoo which are both famous around the world.

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